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ASBA Affirms Public Dollars Should Fund Public Education

Edmonton … The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) today issued the following statement from President Helen Clease:

“The Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) believes that a strong public education system provides access to optimal learning opportunities for all Alberta students, regardless of individual circumstances. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and this potential is best achieved within a strong public education system.

“To support a strong system, it is important that public dollars go to publicly-funded schools. This priority becomes even more critical during tough economic times and when the pressures of meeting student needs become more challenging. When school authorities are trying to manage the increasing complexity in Alberta classrooms and the need for infrastructure is so great, we cannot afford to divert public dollars to a private system that is often not accessible to all Alberta students.

“Many times, school communities have expressed concerns about public dollars going to private schools. With the introduction of Motion 504 in the Alberta Legislature on April 18, the issue has once again come to the forefront. In 2013, the Alberta School Boards Association approved a policy stating:

‘In order to build a viable, sustainable, equitable public education system, public funding currently provided to private schools should be reallocated to public education.’

“ASBA represents all 61 publicly-funded school boards in Alberta. We believe that public, separate and francophone schools offer an abundance of program choices for Alberta students, and publicly-funded education in Alberta is widely recognized as being among the best in Canada – and the world – because of this abundance.

“It is important that public dollars support an education system that is accessible to all Alberta students.”

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Heather Massel, Director of Communications, ASBA at 780.952.3401

The Alberta School Boards Association serves and represents Alberta’s 61 school boards.

Across the province Collective Agreements will be expiring at the end of August. With the passing of Bill 8, there is a new bi-level model that will be used to bargain our next Collective Agreement. The graphic below helps to explain this model but full details can be found online.


When provincial negotiations have ended we will be voting on the proposed agreements. This voting will be electronic so it is very important that teachers have created their ATA accounts. If you need any assistance with this please contact your school rep or local executive members.


Government, Alberta Teachers’ Association and school boards release teacher workload survey


On average, teachers are working approximately 48 hours a week, including weekends, during the busy school year, according to a new study.

The report, a first of its kind in Canada, tracked hours spent before and after school, as well as weekends. More than 1500 teachers from across the province, teaching all grade levels, participated in the survey.

The survey results show that teachers work an average of 48 hours during a typical week, during the school year. This excludes weeks such as Christmas and spring break, as well as the final week of June when school calendars are shortened. The study examines time spent on instruction (which makes up 50% of teachers’ time) as well as time spent on educational supports, such as planning, administration, grading assignments, communicating with parents and extra-curricular activities.

“This confirms what Albertans already know, that teachers are professionals who dedicate their time and energy to our future generations. This survey will help inform discussions with education partners as we move forward.”

Minister of Education, David Eggen

The survey identified workload issues such as an increase in the number of high-needs students in the classroom, as well as increased expectations from parents and the community.

“This is rich data that confirms the complexity of teachers’ practice. Clear concerns arise about how teachers are being distracted from their core work with students, and we will need to have discussions about conditions that impact the classroom experience.”

Mark Ramsankar, President of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA)

"The survey reflects the reality that learning environments have become more complex. It is critically important that teaching staff have adequate supports. Locally elected school boards work with their communities – including staff, students and parents – to achieve these outcomes."

Helen Clease, President of the Alberta School Boards Association

The survey, administered by R.A. Malatest and Associates, was commissioned as part of the 2013 Assurance for Students Act, which established collective agreements for teachers in Alberta through to August 2016. An advisory committee consisting of representatives from the Government of Alberta, ATA, and Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) partnered on this project. The cost of the survey was approximately $500,000, paid for by the Government of Alberta.

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Online ATA Account Set-up  Instructions

Online ATA Account Set-up Instructions

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