Communication Officer

Here is a list of ideas that have been suggested by the Communication Officer in our Local, some of the ideas have come from our own local teachers and others have come from teachers around the province.  Any ideas that you want to share can be sent to me.

  • A scavenger hunt involving a car rally with a social event afterwards.  Some of the items on the scavenger hunt could be to serve a cold drink to someone working outside on a hot day, serve a hot drink to someone working on a cold day, do a good deed for someone, find a bird feather, etc.
  • Golf and Gobble - a round of golf followed by a barbecue and potluck.
  • Darts and Chili - a game of darts and a chili supper
  • License plates available from the Lethbridge local.
  • PEW logo sewn on shirts and made available to teachers, the public or given to local tournaments, bonspiels, etc. as prizes.  There are also key chains available with the PEW logo imprinted on them.
  • PEW logo on golf balls, ball markers, divot tools and tees
  • If you are traveling out by plane or bus leave a copy of the ATA News or the magazine on the airplane or bus.
  • Leave a copy of the ATA News or ATA Magazine in the waiting room of the clinic/ dentist office or anywhere that there is a waiting room.
  • An ad explaining the PEW logo will be placed in the local newspaper throughout the year.  That way, when the public sees a PEW logo on an item they might have a better idea about the message that goes with the logo.
  • A large PEW banner was hung in the local arena
  • Free postcards and bookmarks placed in the local public library